Dr. DJ has written numerous articles, podcasts, blogs, and over 10 books, including two best-sellers in 2018, Personal and Professional Transformation, and Kill Stress Before It Kills You. He also wrote the now out of print, Living A Stress Free Life – which sold out (Twice!) in the 20 largest US airports. “I have this ironic picture of people – anxious about flying – buying my book and sitting on the plane, speedreading it as the airline attendant points out exits in case of a crash landing.”

Dr. DJ has conducted workshops, taught courses, directed trainings, spoken at many conferences around the country – as far away as Singapore and Moscow. “I have worked with Fortune 500 and 100 companies, as well as 1 on 1 clients. “However,” he says, “You know what counts? Relationships! I am fascinated with removing every obstacle that prevents people from a) Being healthy, b) Feeling good about themselves, and 3) Having lives of significance! There are NO good reasons why work places cannot be productive, profitable, with its people enjoying their work environment all at the same time. And the same can be said about families. And couples. And friends. I am so fascinated with relationships that I have studied, researched, written and spoken hundreds of thousands words about it. I teach, train, speak and consult to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Misery IS optional!” He smiles, “Everyone has to be doing something, right? I teach individuals, groups, and companies, how to get moving and  make great things happen. Simple as that.”